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“Injections ‘While You Dance’”

‘Injections “while you dance”, Manchester Guardian (8 April 1959), p. 4.
An “injections-while-you-dance” scheme is to be operated in Bristol to encourage immunisation among the under 25s’, noted the Manchester Guardian on 8 April 1959. ‘In clubs and halls dance records will be interrupted for propaganda…

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Becoming emotional about public health

For me, writing history is an emotional process. Last week in the Wellcome Library archive I got the giggles reading an editor’s commentary on a draft of a safer-sex leaflet from 1987. The text was a 1987 Brook pamphlet on condom negotiation and HIV that had a wide…

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The myth of John Snow and the long shadow of nineteenth century public health

Public health is a historically conscious discipline.  History figures centrally in many module’s introductory lectures taught as part of the MSc in Public Health at the LSHTM.  There is a dedicated History and Health Module available to students studying in London and at a distance.  The history of public…

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Horses for Courses (of vaccination) – the role of animals in the early diphtheria immunisation programme

Placing the Public focuses on the human public, and the strand of the project on vaccination is no exception to this. But it is impossible to write a history of immunisation without reference to animals. From the use of cowpox in eighteenth-century experiments on smallpox immunisation to the debates…

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Placing the Public in Public Health Reading Group – What we’re reading

Every month the Placing the Public in Public Health research team meet to discuss a piece of reading and how it relates to our project themes. We’ve found this a particularly useful way to advance our thinking around broad concepts such as the ‘public’.

This month we’re reading…

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