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Vaccination Exhibition 3: Scientific Knowledge

Vaccination is a complicated process. It involves coordination between many different areas of public life, so that immunisations can be manufactured, distributed and given to people. At the heart of it, however, you need an effective vaccine. That requires research in the laboratory.

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Vaccination Exhibition 2: Communication

Public health has used “propaganda” to convey its message for a long time. Public information films, posters, leaflets, presentations at local meetings: all of these forms of education and persuasion are seen as vital when trying to get the general population to take precautions against disease.

While modern-day efforts…

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Vaccination Exhibition 1: Eradicating Disease

The great success story of vaccination in the twentieth century was the eradication of smallpox. Although other public health techniques such as isolation and containment were necessary to eliminate the last few wild cases, vaccination was a key weapon against the disease from the late eighteenth century right up to…

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