Placing the Public in Public Health Reading Group – What we’re reading

Every month the Placing the Public in Public Health research team meet to discuss a piece of reading and how it relates to our project themes. We’ve found this a particularly useful way to advance our thinking around broad concepts such as the ‘public’.

This month we’re reading:

Abstract:  During the post-war period, margarine was re-conceptualised as a value-added product with distinct health benefits. This article contextualises the advertising of margarine as a healthy food, focusing on Unilever’s Flora brand as an important case study in legitimising the emergent role of disease prevention as a marketing tool. It uses the methodology of visual culture to examine how advertising employed chronic disease prevention as a selling tool. This article assesses how the post-war environment gave rise to new ways of visually advertising food, and how these promoted innovative visualisations of food, the body and their interactions with health.

We have read:



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